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Hi, I'm Kiley. I love comedy, sketch writing, improv, cartoons, drawing, crocheting, fiber-ing in general, and marathon watching my favorite tv shows. I'm inspired by humor. I think it's a great way to communicate, and I like artists/artworks that have a sense of it.

I do improv with ASU's Barren Mind Improv team every Thursday at noon under the Taco Bell in the MU.
I really like board games. And no, I don't mean Scrabble. Visit my blog, if that interests you:
Here's me with all the massive heads of Constantine. It was part of my "art to see before I die list."

Personal Research Paper/Project #1 (due Feb. 12)
My topic is: A re-appropriation of Magritte's famous work, "The Treachery of Images."


In the spirit of Magritte's thinking and our study of semiotics, I chose to "ripoff" his most famous painting. In the original, the French reads "this is not a pipe," despite the fact that the text directly accompanies an image of a pipe. His message is, essentially, that an image is not the same as the real thing.In my version, I copy the painting to the best of my ability, merely changing the word "pipe" to "ripoff." Although the image I have created is clearly a ripoff of Magritte's work, I am stating that is indeed NOT a ripoff, playing into similar "treachery" as the original image, but taking it a step further...Inception-style.

Personal Research Paper/Project #2 (due Mar. 19)

For this project, I recreate and modernize William Wegman's early works with his dogs. This modern version will raise questions, like: "Is this art or just cute home movies?" and "Does this black and white filter help?" and "Why does everyone assume I'll be doing this with a dog? They are, like, so mainstream."

This addresses the question we discussed in class regarding why Wegman's work is artistic and whether or not a modern day video of pets would be considered a work of art or a simple home video. It also shows a not-so-mainstream pet, which some people may not find cute or enjoyable, despite the fact that I am directly recreating Wegman's "cute" dog videos.

Here's the video link (put it in HD 720 for maximum enjoyment):

Semester Research Project (10 page paper or equivalent). To be presented during Final Exam scheduled for Monday, May 5, from 4:50 pm - 8:50 pm (marathon!).

The Riot Grrls and members of the 90s feminist punk-rock art movement had a unique way of spreading their ideas. At rock concerts, they used their voice and presence to inspire and educated others. To circulate their messages even further, they created "zines," or simple scannable publications that could be easy distributed.

My idea was to create a zine for a movement that is still underground, as third wave feminism was in the 90s. My topic is Ethical Eating, and I created a punk-rock themed approach to the subject, complete with song lyrics.

In the end, I realized these two movements really aren't all that different. With some simple internet searches, I found many underground "straightedge" vegan bands who embrace the same punk rock-ness that the Riot Grrls did.

SOY BOMB! ~An ethical eating zine more than just a diet

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