Here is my personal wiki page for the Issues in Intermedia seminar

Personal Profile
Favorite artists, art you yourself are engaged in, goals for the semester, little known fact about you.

Personal Research Paper/Project #1 (due Feb. 12)
Here is my topic:Inspired by Chris Burden's Shoot video where he is shot with a 22 caliber rifle in the shoulder. In my piece I set up the same situation but instead I'm getting shot by a Black male with a Nerf Gun at a school/playground setting. My Video is called Shoot2

Personal Research Paper/Project #2 (due Mar. 19)
Here is my topic: Inspired by Chis Burden's Shoot video. In this video a play around a little more with the subject of danger and how it is perceived. Playing with Nerf guns (child's toy) again, it is shot in first person and being chased by two assailants armed with Nerf guns. My video is called Shoot 2.1

Semester Research Project (10 page paper or equivalent). To be presented during Final Exam scheduled for Monday, May 5, from 4:50 pm - 8:50 pm (marathon!).
Here is my "research question":
Inspired by Edgar Heap of Birds and Ai Weiwei where I post warning signs to those who abuse their own power to oppress others. In these signs I threaten the powerful or in this case bullies.
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