Dear Wiki Member: I am setting up pages for each of you and providing a bit of a template to use to flesh out your personal wiki pages. You needn't follow this format (in fact I hope you don't!), but be sure you provide clear responses to each of the assignments below. This is one of the ways I will track your progress in class. The other major deliverables are your contributions on the "Discussion Board" on Blackboard.



Here is my personal wiki page for the Issues in Intermedia seminar

Personal Profile
Favorite artists, art you yourself are engaged in, goals for the semester, little known fact about you.

Personal Research Paper/Project #1 (due Feb. 12)
Here is my topic:

Personal Research Paper/Project #2 (due Mar. 19)
Here is my topic:

Semester Research Project (10 page paper or equivalent).

Links to Research or Topics of Interest