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Here is my personal wiki page for the Issues in Intermedia seminar

Personal Profile

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Personal Research Paper/Project #1 (due Feb. 12)
Here is my topic: After seeing Vito Acconci's "Step Piece" I became interested in doing an endurance performance involving basketball. Originally my idea was to shoot free throws until I got tired, however, to film the whole thing I would need a camera that could last hours, due to the fact, that free throws are not profusely exerting. So I decided to instead shoot jump shots from 15 feet and back. Like Acconci I recorded data and notes for each day that I went out and shot. Depending on who was available, I sometimes had a person rebound for me. I had planned the study to go on for 3 days but have since decided to keep on going.

I know that there is not a whole lot of sports art out their (a lot of people wouldn't consider sports as an art) but having grown up as an artist and an athlete I do believe they have a relationship. Initially it was difficult to pin point the main goal of this piece, besides the fact that its about endurance, I kept thinking how do I separate it from just looking like a practice video, however, like Acconci writing down notes and seeing what emerges from the work itself lead to some realizations. The two main ones being, how the camera affects performance, in this case turning this shooting drill into an active experience by being conscious of the camera, and how one's memory of an event can be different to what is recorded.

Project 1

Personal Research Paper/Project #2 (due Mar. 19)
Here is my topic: Multiracial Diversity in Mexico.
After our class on Naive American art and its issues regarding the representation of Native Americans I decided my second project would be about the representation of Mexicans in American culture. I took the stereotypical character of Speedy Gonzales and made alternate versions of him. On the bottom of the piece I included an image of animator Robert "Bob" Mckimson (creator of Speedy) looking up at the many versions of his creation along with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck holding his arms (in confusion). This piece is meant to point out the diversity of Mexicans while making fun of a stereotype.

The Other Speedy Gonzaleses

Semester Research Project (10 page paper or equivalent). To be presented during Final Exam scheduled for Monday, May 5, from 4:50 pm - 8:50 pm (marathon!).
Topic: Mexican Repatriation of the 1930's

Continuing my foray into race and politics, I decided to an art project related to the massive deportation of Mexicans during the "Great Depression." It was estimated by the California state government that about 2 Million people were deported and 60% of the deportees were natural born American citizens. This is an event that that history books frequently do not mention.

I did a text based project in the vein of Edgar Heap of Birds on a foam board using mixed media.

The Great Repatriation and Illegal Deportation

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