Discussion Forum Instructions: Proceed to our dedicated BlackBoard pages as follows:

1. Log into http://my.asu.edu using your regular asurite login combo
2. Find the Blackboard Course entitled: ARA 330: Issues in Intermedia (2017 Spring)
3. Once you open the class Blackboard home page, look for "Discussion Board" on the menu on the left side (link above should take you there directly).
4. Start your own "thread" under posted "forums."
5. Submit responses to the questions posted by your colleagues.
6. The Discussion Board/Forum will provide the basis for in-class discussion.
7. Post a minimum of 3 questions and 3 responses per week.

note: You will not be given credit for one word replies, glib or wry observations, or off the cuff remarks...tho' all are welcome! (Please do avoid verbal abuse, personal attacks, and profanity (!))