Short Essay #1: Proposal
Bridget - I think it is worthwhile to explore James Turrell further, and do understand your stated feelings about the "hypocrisy" evident in how Roden Crater is currently accessed. What I would caution you is making a quick judgement based on access at this time - it may be that access is limited now, but there are plans to make it more accessible - plans that require them to seek/court funding from the rich patrons you see now. This is an overall challenge within the artworld - not just with Turrell. You are welcome to pursue this course of investigation/discovery, but you should be aware that alot is happening behind the scenes (it only has just been completed - a project that began in 1977!) and would not be visible to you/the public. Rather than only focus on Turrell, looking at other major landart projects (Spiral Jetty, Heizer's "City" and de Maria's "Lightening Fields") and how they are now managed/accessed would provide you with a broader understanding of the forces that underlie these projects. Focussing only on Turrell makes it seem like you are accusing him individually of being hypocritical, rather than seeing the larger forces in the field as systemic pressures/structures within which an artist works out their vision/plans. Let me know before you proceed how you decide to direct your essay.

Short Essay #1

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