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This project is a continuation of my investigation into experimental music composition. I create scores using various kinds of multi-sided die to determine the fundamental elements of a music score: pitch, octave, and duration.

In this iteration, the focus of the composition was to create a framework that is both loose and restricted. There is a clear structure to the work that must be considered by the performer in terms of their own range limitations in relationship to the notation provided, study of the notation is essential so the performer doesn’t find themselves outside of their range with nowhere to go. The interpretation of the fundamental elements allows for a completely unique arrangement every time it is performed.

Each part has 29 different words (87 in total) that were created during an automatic writing session where I thought about ways to describe/categorize the modern woman in a dry, clinical, governmental kind of way focusing on a range of characteristics: physical attributes to relationships, finances, property ownership, and reproduction.

Some of the outcomes I am interested in are: moments of consonance and dissonance, synchronicity, relationship dynamics (if two or more people are present and participating), whether or not a leader will emerge, and if the group will work together harmonically in a conscious or unconscious way.

The musical notation in this piece is dictated by symbols that indicate whether a pitch of a note should be high (upward facing arrow), low (downward facing arrow), or remain unchanged (dash). Each word is broken down into syllables that have their designated pitch symbols over each syllable, this tells the singer whether the following note must be higher, lower or sustained.

Shiloh STB Composition Soprano Part

Shiloh's STB Composition Tenor Part

Shiloh's STB Composition Bass Part


Arnold Schoenberg

Anton Webern

Robert Ashley

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