Ashley Jones
Intermedia and Socially Engaged Practices in Design and the Arts Student

Project Proposal:
One of my favorite artists is Tom Wesselmann and lately I've been doing a lot of extensive reading into his various female nudes collections. These nudes were not initially well received, because they were thought to have been made to sexually exploit the female body. I'm very interested on writing about the transmutation of the female nude with respects to this specific incident, and how it is contingent on the identity of the artist. I feel like this is a great example of how the identity of the artist can change the the meaning of their artwork from what it is originally intended to be,and in fact proves that identity plays a large role in the artists success or lack their of.

Project One

Project Two Proposal:
This essay will take the same form and subject matter as the first but instead of using a male case study for the transmutations of the female nude, I will be using Eunice Golden a female artist as a case study for the transmutations of the male nude (if any seem to arise). It will be a true test of identity, bias' based on sex and how these relate to how successful or unsuccessful the artwork is.

Project Two:

Final Project:
I would like to create a project that infuses the knowledge gained from both of the papers, but I am still unclear on how that would look and what it would consist of. Or if its as simple as creating something that is uncharacteristic of my identity, maybe an experimental print. I'm working on a book project with Dan Mayer and this may be a good time to infuse things that I have learned and written about in this class and infuse it with the technical skills and equipment that I have access to. Two variable edition books, incorporating abstracted aspects of the female and male nude as well as other imagery, placed within context of a poem about thoughts before slumber. I wanted to see if I could create a situation that allowed for transmutations of the imagery and text included in the book, and see what happened if/when my personal identity came into context how that affected the transmutations.


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Text Reads: In the hour before slumber when we race to the finish line Contestants of the world Moving faster than light Lighter than air Fighting for the chance To see beyond the hour Competing for reality In the hour before slumber