The San Francisco peaks of northern Arizona have been at the center of controversy due to the inconsiderate efforts of Snowbowl ski resort making a profit at the expense of several of Arizona's indigenous cultures in the name of recreation. Many tribes consider the San Francisco peaks to be sacred and hold the mountain in high regard to Native American life. Recently, a company from Texas has proposed an alternative means of producing artificial snow, by reusing sewage water from nearby Flagstaff to compensate for the lack of natural snow on the mountain. Don't Shit on Me, is an intermedia project proposed by ASU student Alton Lee of the Navajo Nation. This performance installation will address the topics of Native Identity struggles and dying tribes, by using dirt from the sacred mountain known as Dook'o'sliid, which is how the Dine people determined the cardinal direction of west before European invasion. The project also implements a ready-made medical bed pan as a separating concept between culture from stability. A sandstone rock from Leupp, Arizona provides the project with a foundation. In the beginning, the four sacred mountains were created in the first world, and used to determine the territory of the Dine people. These mountains including the San Francisco peaks are considered to be home to the Diyen Dineh, or holy deities. Now in the forth world, the peaks, like the cultures who value its majesty, are threatened. The survival and longevity of cultures older than America, are being compromised for greed, wealth and fun. It's like building an Indian casino over a historical church or shrine, it is disrespectful and sad how people can think that they have ownership of something older and greater than themselves. To use waste water to make snow and put it on our holy people's home is wrong and an uprising can be expected to follow. Like my father once said "You will never own the land, but the land will own you. The land was here before any of us and will be here long after we are gone, but in the meantime we are its guardian, its keeper and in this instance, its protector." Why anybody support yellow snow, is beyond me.

San Francisco Peaks 1
San Francisco Peaks 2